"What Killed The American Dream?" Reddit Post Sparks Discussion

The American dream is all about upward mobility. Any US citizen, if they work hard, should be able to not only succeed but also rise above the station of their parents. The US has used this simple ideology to become one of the great power nations of the world, socially, economically and politically. This principle has also attracted countless immigrants who fled their countries to live the American dream. However, now with the ongoing economic crisis, rising costs, increased credit card debt and wealth disparity, many are asking what killed the "American dream". 

A post on Reddit titled "What killed the American dream?" has sparked a discussion among users. The post included a screenshot of another social media post that read, "Ordered pizza for my kids and my daughters math teacher is the person who delivered the pizza. This lady has a master's degree, makes less money than by dumb a** and has to deliver pizza to make ends meet. This aint the American dream they keep tryna sell us". 

Take a look below: 

What killed the American Dream?
byu/36DRedhead inFluentInFinance

Reddit user FluentInFinance shared the post a few days back. Since then, it has garnered more than 31,000 upvotes. In the comments section users shared what they think killed the American dream. 

"Neoliberalism killed it. Shareholder primacy killed it. Lowering corporations taxes and legalizing stock buybacks," wrote one user. "Over consumption, access to easy debt (credit cards, car loans, etc) keeping up with the neighbors, and government involvement and interference in the economy and especially Higher education," commented another. 

"All depends on location. In my state teachers make 6 figures and all that I know live very comfortably," expressed a third user. "My neighbor is a teacher in one of the tougher areas of my city. He has 3 kids and his wife is a teacher too. He recently took a job at the airport too and they put him on the graveyard shift... so now he works overnight 3 days per week and then goes to teach. This country is broken," shared a fourth user. 

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Meanwhile, last year it was reported that the 'American dream' triggered a big crisis in New York. The quest for a better life and more opportunities has thousands of immigrants moving to the Big Apple. But at what cost? A housing crisis and a big burden on the administration.

New York City received 118,000 migrants since last year, over 60,000 of them housed in the city's shelter system. Most migrants came to New York from countries in South America and West Africa in hopes of safety, work and stability. But integrating them into a new city isn't an easy task - both for the migrants and the administration.

The migrant influx could cost $12 billion over three years, claimed Mayor Adams who has previously looked into housing migrants in parking lots and cruise ships.



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